Orange south from Simlångsdalen

280km of mixed use trail running roughly North – South through Halland, the trail runs right through the village of Simlångsdalen. You can start from the centre of the village, or you can drive up to Dansk Falls parking lot. GPX files.

Heading south from the village centre towards Danskfallen, the trail heads up the Fylleån, directly after crossing the river. The trail is primarily a hiking trail, and that is evident in the first 800m of trail which is unrideable in places. The trail then meets up with the Dansk falls main trail. Today we’ll be following only the Hallandsleden trail.

Note: Dansk Falls is one of the most popular family hiking trails in Halland. Always give hikers the right of way, and a polite, “Hej Hej” from a good distance.

The trail heads through a beautiful piece of beech forest before joining the road into Dansk falls. There is a long soft Gravel climb, but you’ll want to show off to all the hikers, so give it your best shot, remember, the main reason you got into mountain biking is how good you look in a helmet… Helps hide all the weird pointy parts of your head…

Once you get to the falls on the mighty River Assman (I promise I am not making this up) continue up the red/orange trail, you will climb more through some pine woods before coming out to some more gravel roads with old farms. You’ll pass a beautiful lookout on the Assman, and the red trail will head off to your right, looping back to the parking lot or around the lakes. CLICK HERE FOR THESE TRAILS.

The Orange Hallandsleden continues on, flat now, mixing between quick single track and rough gravel roads. This faster section will continue through mixed landscape after 10km you hit the powerline corridor… Here I had to do a u-turn as I was short on time.

Simlångsdalen Map

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