Writer’s Guide to uploading rides

We here at MountainBikingInHalmstad welcome submissions in English eller svenksa. We’d like to keep a standard to all guides posted, in this mind, here are rules to think of when writing a post.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a friend. Luckily, I own a life-sized blow-up doll specifically designed for cycling.
  1. It should start with a brief overview of difficulty, distance, rideability in the wet, trail quality and overall worthiness. It could be a 10km single track, but it could be so waterlogged that it’s only worth riding without scuba equipment on the 22nd of July every 4th year.
  2. Pictures showing the best/worst features of the trail. The best pictures have other cyclists in them (like none of the ones I’ve posted so far!), and take time to set up. We aren’t looking for 101 photos of you and your group’s selfies, however.
  3. Strava/GPX file. It’s useful if people can follow along! This should be at the bottom of the post.
  4. Categories. If the ride is in Skedala, please mark it as such. It will help us build up an organized library of routes.
  5. Any dangers, problems, missing bridges, etc, should be pointed out.

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