Simlångsdalen Epic

Simlångsdalen provides some of the largest hills in the region, similar in height to Hallandsåsen, but without all the crowds. Please note that Svartaklippan Nature Reserve does not allow bikes. I haven’t had a chance to update the route yet, but please don’t ride there!

Total distance: 46501 m
Total climbing: 989 m
Download file: My Collection.gpx

Here it’s rough old farm roads, single track or logging track; basically, it’s an adventure. This ride has been a goal of mine since I moved to the valley, connecting as much single track as possible touring the valley.

The route begins behind Tallhöjden hotel, which is also a great place to end, because by the time you’re finished this route you are going to need food, and possibly unlimited access to the largest whiskey collection in Halland. The route takes you up and around to Klövaberget, 35 m high cliffs in the heart of Simlångsdalen.

From Klövaberget you head up towards Mjöalt and eventually to Mahult on backroads, a mix of proper gravel and farm tracks. From Mahult you follow the rather unexciting Banvalsleden trail until you hit the split in the Hallandsleden, here you take the right branch and head towards the Fylleån river. You cross the river and take a mix of single track and farm trails to Svartaklippan, where there is a 1.5km single track loop that requires some biking ability. There is a steep downhill.

From here you loop back to Simlångsgården and onto the white/blue loop. From here it is a long climb on trails up to Svalilt, where you will continue on a mix of roads and trails to follow the blue loop. At the end of a seeminly endless gravel climb you will see some flagging tape in the trees on a lightly used trail, this trail will connect you to the Simlången part of the valley.

Pay close attention to you GPS, as the long gravel downhill will quickly become a long gravel climb, and some backwoods biking to bring you around to Veka nature reserve. From here you join the blue loop around Simlången, another mix of gravel climbs and single track descents through some incredible beech forests.

Crossing Hwy 25 on a savage climb with gradients up to 25% you will find yourself on the red trail, follow this past Paulsson Paleo until you cross the mighty Assman river. Please trust me, it is the Assman. Crossing the river you will leave the red trail and begin to follow the blue/white loop of Gårdshult nature reserve, which will require closing some gates and electric fences behind you. There is one climb that is pretty much impossible on a bike, but it gives you a lovely view of Halmstad on a good day.

From here you are heading towards Danskafallen, where biking is permitted, make sure that you take the left turn just before the trail begins the big descent in to the park. This will drop you out onto a gravel road and finally a paved road, which you ride for about 2km back past Danskfalls and with the GPS you can follow the yellow trail around Brearedsjön back to the hotel.

Go in to the hotel, and demand a large cold beer from Lotta while browsing the menu.

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