Beach Loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Road/Touring

Difficulty: Easy

If you’ve been looking at the other road biking loops, you’ll notice the word ‘climb’ coming up again and again. Well, good news, this is a remarkably flat loop that only features one big hill, and that’s on your way home from the city. You follow the Banvallsleden (paved train tracks) into Halmstad to Östrastrand, a super long beach that even includes a nudist beach (if you spent all your money on renting bikes and you can’t afford swim shorts). There is a lot to do in the city, just make sure you bring a decent bike lock with you! Coming home you can either take the Banvallsleden home, of you can take the route past Linda’s Eko Cafe (which we strongly recommend) through Öppinge which gives you some beautiful views of the flowing farms fields of Halmstad.

Total distance: 42271 m
Total climbing: 233 m
Download file: Beach Loop.gpx

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