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Contact 072 335 3041 – Email – Visit Gästgivarevägen 3, Simlångsdalen

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Join us in July for the Simlångsdalen Epic Gravel Event!

Mountain Biking in Halmstad is a small family business run from Simlångsdalen, from our location or a 5 minute drive, you have access to over 100 km of mixed use trails, and hundreds of kilometers of gravel and road biking. We live in a mountain biking paradise, why don’t you come visit?

What makes us different? Don’t think of this as renting a bike from a big company that has a hundred bikes in stock and a bored teenager at the front desk, think of this as borrowing my personal bike. I seek perfection in all things bike related, and I want my bikes to be as good as, well, my bike. I regularly hop on any rental bike and take it out on the trails, so the bikes are all tuned and tweaked to be in the best possible shape. I sell the bikes at the end of the season so that you are always riding a new bike! No blown front shocks or worn out gears and chains here!

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