Mountain Biking In Halmstad

Långesjön Long Loop

Bike required: Hardtail or Full suspension MTB Difficulty: Mixed intermediate and beginner Length: 40km Elevation: 575m This route can either been a tough two hour push for intermediate/advanced cyclists, or it could take up to the entire day for beginners who’ve packed a lunch and are carrying extra water. It begins in the village ofContinue reading “Långesjön Long Loop”

Easy 8 – Simlångsdalen

Difficulty: Easy Bike type: Mountain Length: 20 km Elevation: 250m Finding a tooth-rattlingly hard route is pretty easy as a mountain biker. Find cliff, cycle over it. Finding a really pleasant route for beginner or casual riders who have invested in a mountain bike but don’t want a full-face helmet and aren’t entirely sure whatContinue reading “Easy 8 – Simlångsdalen”

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