SRAM Groupset, MTB NX Eagle DUB, 1×12 speed

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Upgrade your bike to a single front ring and a huge back cassette. This simplifies shifting, allows you to drop the front derailleur and shifter and saves weight! This cassette fits a regular wheel (10/11/12)

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Upgrade your bike to 10×50 One by (1x) and drop some weight!
Brand SRAM
Item type Groupset, MTB
Series NX Eagle
Description DUB, 1×12 speed
Front derailleur Not incl.
Rear derailleur 12 speed, long cage
Trigger 1×12 speed with discrete clamp
Crankset DUB, 175 mm
Bottom bracket None
Chainring 32T, direct mount, X-Sync
Cassette XG-1230 11-50T (for standard body – not XD comp.)
Chain NX Eagle, solid pin, 126 links
Other Chaingap gauge

This group set has SRAM’s revised, optimized and updated crankshaft bearing system “DUB”, which provides performance-enhancing integration between crankshaft, shaft and crankshaft bearings. This group set is perfect for the cyclist who is looking for performance and future-proof driving compatibility without draining his wallet.

SRAM NX Eagle DUB Crankcase:

The NX Eagle DUB crankcase is designed to deliver 12-piece Eagle performance and styling that everyone can enjoy. In addition to the excellent tension of the X-SYNC ™ 2 chain, the crankcase receives outstanding power transmission and durability thanks to the advanced DUB crank bearing system.

The properties of the loom:

Material: Aluminum (blade), aluminum from the 7000 series (crank arm)
Crankshaft bearing type: SRAM DUB
Chain line: 49 mm
Bolts: Direct mounting
Recommended chain: SRAM Eagle
Compatibility: All Eagle drivelines
Weight: 705 g (175 mm, 32T ring)

SRAM NX Eagle DUB 12-split gear control:

Although the NX model falls into the “entry level” category, SRAM has still managed to pack some of its best technologies. This includes ZeroLoss X and X-Actuation., Which work together to offer instant and accurate shifts throughout the cassette range.

Control properties:

Material: Aluminum / plastic, metal parts in stainless steel
Compatibility: All Eagle powertrains. Matchmaker-compatible for integration of brake controls and remote control for lowering post.
Weight: 112 g

SRAM NX Eagle DUB 12-speed reverse gear:

Like the state-of-the-art XX1 and X01 models, the NX Eagle DUB rear derailleur also has SRAM’s 1x-specific X-Horizon ™ gearshift design. This carefully designed mechanism provides capacity for the huge 11-50T cartridge and promotes smooth performance. The gearbox can also boast SRAM’s Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch (friction clutch) for unmatched durability and quiet and consistent performance.

Rear gear characteristics:

Material: Aluminum (gear arm), steel (spring, pulley), stainless steel (metal parts)
Max tooth: 50T
Compatibility: All Eagle drivelines
Weight: 339 g

SRAM 12-split chain:

At the core of all Eagle powertrains is the Eagle chain, here for 12-piece and designed and manufactured with SRAM’s Eagle ark architecture. This guarantees perfect compatibility with all other Eagle components, for highly efficient, smooth and quiet shifting that you can take for granted every time you go out in the tracks.

Chain properties:

Material: Steel
Link type: Solid rivets
Compatibility: All Eagle powertrains
Weight: 278 g (126 links)

SRAM NX Eagle 12-piece cassette

SRAM designed its NX Eagle cartridge to give cyclists the opportunity to upgrade to 12-piece without having to replace their wheels or hubs. The cassette is ready to be mounted directly on a ribbed standard free blade and offers a huge range of 11-50T. This cassette gives you the climbing gear you need to attack the slopes, and the right smooth performance to help you get the most out of your other Eagle components. The cassette is also designed to be durable enough for the extra demands and tough grips that use with electric mountain bikes brings with it.

Cassette features:

Material: 8 light, embossed steel gears and 4 high-strength steel gears on an aluminum cross
Recommended chain: Eagle chain
only Compatibility: All Eagle powertrains
Weight: 615 g


X-Sync 2: X-Sync 2 Eagle is the next development of SRAM’s X-Sync technology. The aggressive tooth design provides better chain tension for a softer and more efficient pedal feel. The X-Sync Eagle design reduces friction and accumulation of clay, dirt and grease, to provide as long a life as possible.

DUB technology: It is the relationship between the crankshaft bearing shaft and the bearing that forms the core of the DUB ™ technology. This is where rigidity meets wear resistance. SRAM took a step beyond conventional thinking and simplified its construction by better integrating the relationship between blade, crank arm, shaft and crank bearings. It is this clear system strategy that gives the powertrain better performance.

Zero Loss: The gear cable is activated immediately and with zero movement loss. Every gear change takes place directly and accurately.

Integrated Matchmaker X: Now you can collect everything from your XLoc muffler lockout to Reverb X-Loc remote control, SRAM controls and brake handles on just two clamps. A perfect way to put everything within reach and clean up your bike’s cockpit.

Cage Lock: With Cage Lock technology in the rear derailleur, removal and installation of wheels as well as chain installation are faster and easier. Just push the gear cage forward to loosen the chain and lock the cage in place.

Roller Bearing Clutch: Roller Bearing Clutch provides maximum driveline stability even in very rough terrain. This stability dramatically benefits the driveline, preventing the gear from bouncing and the chain from striking, without sacrificing precision.

X-Actuation: X-Actuation has been developed specifically for SRAM’s 1x powertrains, and keeps the shift sharp and consistent throughout the cassette. This makes the gears easy to index and provides outstanding performance.

X-Horizon: X-Horizon’s “straight parallelogram” design limits all movement on the horizontal axis, preventing ghost shifts while reducing shifting power. The large upper pulley counterweight maintains a constant chain spacing through all gears, and guarantees faster and more accurate shifting.

Flow Link: Super smooth inner washers completely without square edges result in a chain that works with the cassette and blade with much less friction, for quieter use and better durability. This design allows for a narrower overall profile and a flatter outer washer that can withstand larger shift angles. This provides more consistent chain riveting and improved overall strength.

PowerLock: SRAM’s chain engineers developed PowerLock as a tool-free and consistent way to assemble MTB chains. Although PowerLock does not require special tools for installation, the extra tight tolerances on 10-, 11- and 12-part drivelines mean that each PowerLock only works for a single application.

X-Glide 2: This optimized cassette technology, specially designed for the Eagle driveline, is the next generation X-Glide gear. It provides fast, precise shifting performance throughout the gear range and increases chain tension in larger gears.



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