Rentals will open again in the Spring! Guiding is available for booking if you have your own bikes!

We buy new bikes at the beginning of each season to ensure the best quality rental experience possible!



Kids 20″ 114-132 cm

Kids 24″ 130-150 cm

X-Small 137-160 cm

Small 153-166 cm

Medium 161-175 cm

Medium/Large 165-182cm

Large 170-188 cm

X-Large 180-200 cm

B-Twin Hybrid Bicycles

Small 150-165 cm

Medium 165-180 cm

Large 180-190 cm

Rental Agreement

Kunden som hyr cykeln/cyklarna är ansvarig att återlämna dem i samma skick som vid uthyrningstillfället. Vid stöld av uthyrda varor debiteras varans inköpsvärde som ni sedan får reglera på er rese- eller hemförsäkring. Cykeln måste alltid var låst för att försäkringar och stöldskydd ska gälla, och ni måste inkomma med en polisanmälan, och nycklarna till oss.

Förlust eller skada av cykeltillbehör:

  • Hjälm: 500:-

Villkor för avbokningar:
•  Mer än 3 dagar innan ingen kostnad
•  Mellan 3 dagar och 1 dagar innan 25%
•  Mindre än 1 dagar innan 100%
• Tid som gäller för avbokningar är kl 12:00

The customer who rents the bike / bikes is responsible for returning them in the same condition as at the time of rental. In the event of theft of rented goods, the purchase value of the goods is debited, which you can then settle on your travel or home insurance. The bike must always be locked for insurance and theft protection to apply, and you must submit a police report, and the keys to us.

Loss or damage of bicycle accessories:

  • Helmet: SEK 500

Terms for cancellations:
• More than 3 days before no charge
• Between 3 days and 1 days before 25%
• Less than 1 days before 100%
• Time that applies for cancellations is at 12:00

Booking a Guide

Skedala, Simlångsdalen, Steninge, Biskopstorp and more! We can guide around the Halmstad region with confidence and skill. Bringing you on trails that meet your riding skills, fun and fantastic without being too dangerous. Get tips and tricks to improve your riding while learning about the natural history and the local trails. Build your confidence and ride the best trails in the area.

Bookings need to be at least 48 hours in advance, and during peak season please try and book at least a week in advance.

2.5 hr Tour – 1500kr for group up to 6

For this price you get tuition for up to 6 people and 3 bike rentals included in price, additional rentals 250kr/4 hrs. Bring your own bike or test a 2021 Trek Roscoe with wider tires and a dropper seat post.

Starting place can be in Skedala, Steninge, Biskopstorp (Kvibille) or Simlångsdalen.


Regular Bicycle – B’twin Riverside

2 hrs – 99 kr

4 hrs – 175 kr

8 hrs – 250 kr

Two days – 400 kr

Three Days – 550 kr

2021 Trek Roscoe 7 Mountain Bike

2 hrs – 199kr

4 hrs – 395 kr

8 hrs – 530 kr

Two days – 950 kr

Three days – 1300 kr

Kids Bikes – Trek Roscoe 20, 24 or Marlin 6 or Thule Trailer

2 hrs – 99 kr

4 hrs – 175 kr

8 hrs – 250 kr

Two days – 400 kr

Three days – 550 kr


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