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Southern Sweden is an absolute heaven for cycling for most of the year. The temperate climate means that even in summer it doesn’t get too hot. The landscape is an amazing mix of calm farmland, rugged forests and beautiful beaches. The greatest aspects are the quiet, quality roads, polite drivers and the fact that it is legal to camp virtually anywhere. Covered with small towns, and yet lacking any major cities beyond Malmö and Gothenburg, the west coast is a cycling dream with its relatively flat terrain and predictable weather.

The three most popular routes in Halland are the Kattegatt Leden, Halland’s Inland cycling route and the Banvals leden. Kattegatt Leden from the southern tip of Sweden to the Norwegian border, Hallands inland cycling route and the Banvalsleden from Halmstad to Karlshamn on the east coast of Sweden.

Rent bikes from us or bring your own. Use our hybrid touring bikes or get off-road and use our Trek mountain bikes. Arrange for us to deliver your luggage from hotel to hotel or carry it yourself! We’re here to make your cycling holiday easier.

Baggage transfer from 250kr/day, contact us for a quote.

Use an existing bike route or have us plan one for you!

2 Night Simlångsdalen Adventure Tour Sample

Day 1 : Meet in Halmstad, bags packed and ready for transportation to next accommodation, ready to ride with light backpacks packed with rain clothes (it’s Sweden, always be ready for rain!). Bike fit on our Hybrid Touring Bikes outfitted with rental GPS unit. Cycle out of Halmstad on the Banvallsleden, the former train line, arriving in Simlångsdalen for a fika at Tallhöjden hotel, pick-up some groceries for the barbecue and breakfast at our local grocery store, a quick swim, and then cycle up to Vinnalt Event to stay in the gorgeous glamping tent. After getting settled in and a lovely self-barbecued dinner, enjoy an quiet evening learning how to fly-fish.

Day 2 : Bags are packed and picked up, as you head out on your bikes, exploring Simlångsdalen valley with a combined Introduction to Mountain Biking, Canoeing and Yoga day. It begins with a two hour mountain biking adventure with us, then a canoe trip down the chain of lakes that are at the heart of the valley with Niklas from and finally a relaxing outdoor yoga class to stretch out all your tired muscles with Cat from PaulssonPaleo. All this with a wild lunch provided by the chef at Tallhöjden hotel, as warm as at the table in the restaurant. Finish the day on the bikes as you ride 20 km to Ulvereds Hjorthägn and eat to your fill with freshly hunted wild game from their own deer farm. Sleep the night in a cabin that is in the deer safari, so you can count deer to help you fall asleep!

Day 3 : After a lovely breakfast at Ulvereds Hjorthägn you cycle the quiet back roads to the Laxvik on the coast and enjoy a quiet walk along the beach before following the Kattegattleden back to Halmstad where you meet our staff at the train station and finish your trip!

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