Fröböke flat loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Touring bike/Road Bike

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

This is a shorter wilderness route that takes you along the 4 lakes of the valley before wondering off into some low lying hills. Take a picnic with you, as there are a dozen or so secret picnic spots that you can discover along this route. It only sees traffic in the morning and afternoon ‘rush hour’ windows, the rest of the time, besides the occasional Dane heading up to their cabin, the roads are yours to enjoy!

Total distance: 26303 m
Total climbing: 193 m
Download file: Fröböke 'flat' Loop.gpx

Ulvered Deer Farm Loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Touring bike/Road Bike

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Another loop that is designed for you to stop for lunch, this shorter loop takes you into the wilderness to Ulvered’s Hjorthägn, or deer farm. Here there is an amazing restaurant where you can take a tour of the deer farm, have a burger or a fancy dinner and even stay overnight! The loop has one climb coming out of the valley, and has about 2km of gravel roads as you turn off the Mastocka road towards the deer farm.

Total distance: 34193 m
Total climbing: 369 m
Download file: Ullvered Deer Farm Loop.gpx

Beach Loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Road/Touring

Difficulty: Easy

If you’ve been looking at the other road biking loops, you’ll notice the word ‘climb’ coming up again and again. Well, good news, this is a remarkably flat loop that only features one big hill, and that’s on your way home from the city. You follow the Banvallsleden (paved train tracks) into Halmstad to Östrastrand, a super long beach that even includes a nudist beach (if you spent all your money on renting bikes and you can’t afford swim shorts). There is a lot to do in the city, just make sure you bring a decent bike lock with you! Coming home you can either take the Banvallsleden home, of you can take the route past Linda’s Eko Cafe (which we strongly recommend) through Öppinge which gives you some beautiful views of the flowing farms fields of Halmstad.

Total distance: 42271 m
Total climbing: 233 m
Download file: Beach Loop.gpx

Mjälahult Wilderness Loop – Road Bike

This is a lovely, quiet loop that takes you from Simlångsdalen over the hills toward Oskarström then slowly up into the wilderness of Mjälahult. It is a triangular shaped loop (a loop shaped triangle?), and at the top of that triangle is a perfect little nature reserve beach with a picnic table. I’ve never seen another person there, nor had a car pass when I’ve stopped. You can enjoy a short break and even a swim if it’s warm enough. From the top of the loop it’s actually a slow downhill all the way home!

Total distance: 53561 m
Total climbing: 506 m
Download file: Mjälahult Wilderness Tarmac Loop.gpx

Hylte-Oskarström Lunch Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road

Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced

This is a 90 km ride that visits two towns of medium size, Oskarström and Hyltebruk. They are well spaced out for the more casual rider who is looking for coffee and lunch breaks on their route. It is a relatively hilly route with a few longer climbs, but nothing that should bust your legs. The roads are generally quiet, and you could likely ride this route on a weekday without seeing more than a handful of cars. If you take this loop in the morning or evening, there is a very good chance of seeing wildlife. Moose, deer and boar are all common on this quiet route.

Total distance: 89826 m
Total climbing: 807 m
Download file: Hylte-Oskarström Lunch Loop.gpx

Short Alpine Loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Road bike

Difficulty: Tough

This loop is only 22km in length, but it will certainly feel longer. On tiny back roads for half the route, you’ll wonder who paved this road and why. The answer is, for us to enjoy road biking more! This route follows the Åled road before turning towards Marbackshult, and here you begin to really climb. It’s a great workout to make for tired legs, or a warm-up if you are a pro.

Total distance: 22267 m
Total climbing: 380 m
Download file: Short Alpine Climbing Loop.gpx

Beginner’s Loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Road bike/Touring Bike

Difficult: Moderate

As it sounds, this route is for new riders. It begins with one relatively long hill and is almost immediately followed by another, steeper climb. If you can manage those, the route is mostly downhill and flat. The loop brings you near Nicola’s Cafe in Marbäck, which is a great spot to go on weekends and sit out and have lunch and a coffee (she has a liquour license if you need something IN your coffee).

Total distance: 11163 m
Total climbing: 111 m
Download file: Beginner's Loop.gpx

Åled-Oskarström Hilly Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road

Difficulty: Moderate

Much like the name implies, this is a route with a lot of climbing. Starting from Simlångsdalen and heading immediately into the hills towards Åled, you get to enjoy one of our local favourite road biking roads. It feels almost like it was specifically designed for roadbikes, as it is never straight and is always interesting. After 15km you come to the village of Åled that has both a shop and a pizzeria, then you head along the Nissan river (enjoy the flats while you can) until you come to the village of Senan, here you head up on a tiny road following a beautiful, fast flowing creek on a road I like to call, “the most beautiful road in the world”, this takes you past Virsehatt, a hill that is famous for trolls! From here you’ll be up over the three big hills before coming back into Simlångsdalen, it’s a shorter ride, but you get your elevation in!

Total distance: 33061 m
Total climbing: 438 m
Download file: Åled - Oskarström Hilly Loop.gpx

Lunch in Laholm Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

The lunch in Laholm loop is a 66km road bike loop that stays entirely on tarmac, there is ultimately over 600m climbing on this loop, but besides the big climbs in and out of the valley, it will seem like a relatively flat ride. Just one big push at the beginning and one at the end. This loop takes you from the forests and lakes of Simlångsdalen to the quiet rolling fields of the Laxan valley, where the lovely town of Laholm is located. Laholm is a unique farming town that feels out of place in Sweden, it would fit better in the flowing field of Flanders. Don’t expect Belgian chocolate, but there are some great places to stop for lunch, including Cecil’s Bakery, which is a famous stop for cyclists (you can park and lock up around back). A perfect ride on our road bikes, or if you want to take it slow and easy, a full day on our touring bikes!

Total distance: 66780 m
Total climbing: 603 m
Download file: Lunch in Laholm Loop.gpx