Nyårsåsen – Gullbranstorp

Between the Hills of Steninge and the city lies Nyårsåsen, or New Years’ Ridge. A military range, so please avoid any areas that are signed as such, they do live fire drills in their zone. This is a hilly, relatively technical ride with a mix of single track and some gravel roads. Like most mountainContinue reading “Nyårsåsen – Gullbranstorp”

Simlångsdalen 25

In the heart of all mountain bikers is that of an explorer. The days of climbing over the next hill into the unknown and unexplored are well behind us in the age of jet travel and smart phones. Mountain biking allows us to rekindle that flame, to feel like an explorer again. This loop aroundContinue reading “Simlångsdalen 25”

How to Ride in the Winter

I’ve a long experience in winter commuting and mountain biking. From my days growing up in the snow belt of Ontario with a meter by Christmas, and our ever-so-fun ice storms to the frozen north of Ontario (roughly the same latitude as Holland) and the weeks of -30 weather to my years of riding inContinue reading “How to Ride in the Winter”

Simlångsdalen Epic

Simlångsdalen provides some of the largest hills in the region, similar in height to Hallandsåsen, but without all the style. Here it’s rough old farm roads, single track or logging track; basically, it’s an adventure. This ride has been a goal of mine since I moved to the valley, connecting as much single track asContinue reading “Simlångsdalen Epic”

Orange north to Mjälahult

You can head from Simlångsdalen to Mjälahult. The trail is mostly on gravel roads, and can be ridden on almost any bike. The trail starts on the Banvalsleden, an old railway like that is paved from Halmstad to the end of Simlångsdalen, and then is gravel for another 200 km to Karlshamn. You ride onContinue reading “Orange north to Mjälahult”