Beginner MTB Route – Skedala 2022

Route Type: Mountain Bike

Difficulty: Beginner

Length: 20 km

Climbing: 320 m

Able to return to car very easily.

Skedala skog, the Halmstad’s most popular mountain bike destination, has seen a lot of change in the last two years. The mountain bike club has been developing the Enduro area at the west end of the park. This area is a lot of fun, but not for all riders. Many beginners are interested in slow rolling, flat trails with few obstacles. Previously, you’d ride the yellow trail and maybe a loop on white and call it a day, but there has been a lot of logging in the east end of the park. White and Yellow have disappeared from the tree markings and important sections of White and Green are logged and destroyed.

I’ve done my best to out together a “flat” trail that takes some of the most beginner friendly trails. It’s no longer a nice easy to follow loop, but a squiggly ride that hardly follows a marked trail. To follow this route you’ll either need the best memory in the region, or a GPS.

I won’t spend an hour trying to describe the route (go past the trees, turn near the big rock).

Total distance: 19860 m
Total climbing: 367 m
Download file: Doing_our_best_of_what_s_still_rideable_for_beginners_in_Skedala.gpx

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