Den okände mannens stig

One of the new trails developed by Halmstad MTB Klubb, Mudfuckers and other incredibly hardworking, passionate cyclists, this trail is a short, well developed ride that gives beginners a chance to try riding berms for their first time. It’s a trail that involves some small drops, roll-overs, wooden berm and jumps. Find the route hereContinue reading “Den okände mannens stig”

Skedala — Orangea slingan moturs

Orangea slingan är relativt kort men innehåller ändå en hel del höjdmeter. Backarna är varierade, med både tekniska och steniga uppförspartier, samt branta nedförsbackar över klipphällar. Den är inte särskilt sliten, jämfört med till exempel den röda, men är inte heller igenväxt. Det gör den till ett bra val, men varsamhet bör ändå iakttas. NågotContinue reading “Skedala — Orangea slingan moturs”

Skedala — Vita slingan medurs

Vit är en relativt flak slinga med en ordentlig upp- och nedförsbacke. Tillståndet på stigen är varierande, med en del fina partier i gott skick, men också en hel del potential till lerbad. Under torra perioder är det en bra nybörjarloop, men den passar även om man inte vill ha lika många höjdmeter som denContinue reading “Skedala — Vita slingan medurs”

Skedala Orange Loop Counter Clockwise

Orange is a technical route with some tough climbs, and some tougher descents. There are a few sections that I would consider to be downhill. It has seen a lot of trail development in 2020 by Halmstad MTB club. It now features some berms and jumps. It’s a pretty dry trail, and it has someContinue reading “Skedala Orange Loop Counter Clockwise”

Skedala White Clockwise Loop

Not much climbing, for a relatively simple loop with a few hazards that are easy to avoid. A good beginner’s loop, matches well with laps on Yellow or Blue. Beware of extremely muddy spots at the bottom of drops. Avoid this loop when it’s wet. GPX files. White trail begins at the Torvsjön parking lot,Continue reading “Skedala White Clockwise Loop”

Skedala Red Loop Clockwise

Starting at Skedalaskog Vastra entrance (or cycling in from town on the back trails, coming soon). This is the most wilderness loop available in Skedala. If you are looking to get away from the hikers, and do a long ride on tough single track, than this ride is for you. This route has segments thatContinue reading “Skedala Red Loop Clockwise”

Skedala Yellow Loop Clockwise (K2 variant)

The yellow route is not a difficult ride. The trail is not overly rocky or rooted, and there are not any tough climbs. It’s a great starter trail…but it has a downside. Yellow is one of the wettest trails in a wet park. GPX files. The trail begins on a long, gentle climb up aContinue reading “Skedala Yellow Loop Clockwise (K2 variant)”

Skedala Green Loop (Djungel Run variation) Clockwise

Technical, fun, challenging, wet trail that is well marked. Skedala, the heart of Halmstad’s mountain biking community, features a wide range of trails. One of the most popular, and technical, is the green loop. Starting from the Torvsjön/Ön parking lot off of Hwy. 25, a great spot for swimming, hiking and barbecuing with the family.Continue reading “Skedala Green Loop (Djungel Run variation) Clockwise”