Toughest Ride in Southern Sweden?

We don’t have any alps down in the south, just gentle rolling hills. Nothing that would challenge a truly hardcore cyclist. It’s all just a mix of lovely farmland and beautiful forest meadows, right? Perhaps not. Simlångsdalen is home to a lot of vertical elevation, and an seeming endless selection of gravel roads, rocky loggingContinue reading “Toughest Ride in Southern Sweden?”

Easy 8 – Simlångsdalen

Difficulty: Easy Bike type: Mountain Length: 20 km Elevation: 250m Finding a tooth-rattlingly hard route is pretty easy as a mountain biker. Find cliff, cycle over it. Finding a really pleasant route for beginner or casual riders who have invested in a mountain bike but don’t want a full-face helmet and aren’t entirely sure whatContinue reading “Easy 8 – Simlångsdalen”

Beginner MTB Route – Skedala 2022

Route Type: Mountain Bike Difficulty: Beginner Length: 20 km Climbing: 320 m Able to return to car very easily. Skedala skog, the Halmstad’s most popular mountain bike destination, has seen a lot of change in the last two years. The mountain bike club has been developing the Enduro area at the west end of theContinue reading “Beginner MTB Route – Skedala 2022”

150 km MTB tour of Halmstad

Type: Mountain Bike Difficulty: Extreme This is an extremely difficult ride featuring over 2200 meters of climbing. Much of this is on single track in a wilderness setting. Many of these trails are unmarked and are tough to see or follow. Some of these tracks are rarely used. We recommend highly experienced cyclists riding inContinue reading “150 km MTB tour of Halmstad”