Halland’s Inland Cycling Route

Welcome to the Hyltesleden, nature is just around the next bend

From May – October
Self-Guided Adventures

180 km

3-5 days

Rural Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts or Wild Camping, or a mix

Tours begin at 1200kr pp

Touring Bike? Road Bike? Gravel Bike? Mountain Bike? You decide.

Baggage Transfer or Rental Panniers

We offer roadside mechanical support

In Partnership with Hylte Sport & Event.

Embark on a remarkable cycling journey along the enchanting Hyltesleden trail, spanning Halmstad to Hylte and back. This self-guided tour promises an immersive experience surrounded by breathtaking forests and lakes.

As you set off from Halmstad, follow the captivating Hylte-slingan cycle path, leading you deeper into Halland’s inland municipality and Astrid Lindgren’s county, Småland.

Marvel at majestic forests with towering trees, creating a verdant canopy that filters sunlight, connecting you to nature’s beauty. Leave the hustle and bustle behind as you pedal through this picturesque realm.

Discover hidden lakes, their calm waters reflecting vibrant foliage, offering a serene backdrop. The melodic chorus of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves accompany your journey.

In late summer or autumn, harvest edible mushrooms while marveling at graceful deer, majestic moose, and playful hares from your bicycle saddle.

Experience the region’s hospitality and sustainable living through varied accommodations. Enjoy access to canoes, boats, fishing, or a relaxing soak in a hot tub amidst unspoiled beauty.

This cycling adventure promotes well-being, health, and environmental consciousness. Traverse well-marked paths, bicycle lanes, side roads, and occasional gravel routes, immersing yourself in the region’s scents, sights, and sounds.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where nature’s wonders and the joys of cycling converge. Let the forests and lakes be your guides as you create cherished memories along the Hyltesleden trail. Reserve your place now for an unforgettable experience.

Call: 072-335-3081

Total distance: 185089 m
Total climbing: 3219 m
Download file: Hylteleden HE-april2023.gpx
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