Our partners are cafes, restaurants and hotels that you can book to pick-up bikes from or begin a tour or lesson.

Visit the best hotels, restaurants in Halmstad, pick-up your bike and enjoy your day with a lovely meal at the end!

PaulssonsPaleo Bed and Breakfast – Simlångsdalen

We’re Cecilia, Catharina and Simon and we are the founders of PaulssonPaleo. We left our careers in London for a simpler life on a smallholding in Simlångsdalen outside of Halmstad, Sweden. Our aim is to become more self-sufficient on meat and vegetables but also to spread knowledge about a healthier lifestyle with the help of paleo food, yoga and barefoot running. Check them out!

Pensionat Sågkorren (the Sawmill Inn)

In a scenic setting, 500 or so yards from Lake Frillen and only a 40 minute drive from the city of Halmstad, you will find food and accommodations in our Inn or, if you prefer more independence, our luxury Hostel or our two Cottages. In total we can offer 32 beds spread over 10 rooms and 2 Cottages.

In the Inn’s restaurant, all meals are served with love and care. All meat is Swedish, eggs and vegetables are mostly from our own farm. In the Inn we also sell home-made juice, jam, handmade wood cutting boards, etc. Check them out!

Steninge Kuststation – Steninge

Steninge Coastal Station is situates only 200 metres from the sea. Here you can enjoy relaxing and beautiful activities as hiking, kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), MTB-tours and yoga. Most of the activities you can do either with guide or self-guided. There are three beautiful nature reserve areas just close to Steninge Coastal Station. Spending time close to the sea in beautiful nature settings is a good thing for both the soul and the body. Check them out!

Tallhöjden Hotel – Simlångsdalen

Här avslutar och startar du din dag på Tallhöjden. Boendet är en viktig del hos oss, här skall du kunna sitta ner och hämta kraft efter en dag i naturen, på konferensen eller efter en god middag.

Here you end and start your day at Tallhöjden. Accommodation is an important part with us, here you should be able to sit down and get strength after a day in nature, at the conference or after a good dinner. Check them out!

Ulvereds Hjorthägn – Simlångsdalen

Genom ett köp av skog i Ulvered följde ett gammalt skogshemman från 1860 med i hanteringen. Vackert beläget i Hallands inland, i en då bortglömd del av länet, såg vi en möjlighet att starta något annorlunda som ingen annan gjort före oss. Birger realiserade en pojkdröm genom att anlägga ett hjorthägn och bygga ett gårdsslakteri. Detta har medfört att Ulvereds Hjorthägn är ett lokalt, småskaligt grossistföretag med försäljning av hjort och vilt, främst till restauranger. Med stort personligt engagemang och passion för det vi gör, tillsammans med vår personal, kan vi idag presentera en anläggning där våra gäster får en helhetsupplevelse av djur, natur och mat av hjort och vilt. Detta i en miljö som vi vågar påstå är icke kopierbar. En ”wow-känsla” infinner sig helt enkelt – något ni aldrig glömmer.

Through a purchase of forest in Ulvered, an old forest home from 1860 followed in the management. Beautifully located in the interior of Halland, in a then forgotten part of the county, we saw an opportunity to start something different that no one else has done before us. Birger realized a boy’s dream by building a deer enclosure and building a farm slaughterhouse. This has meant that Ulvereds Hjorthägn is a local, small-scale wholesale company with sales of deer and game, mainly to restaurants. With great personal commitment and passion for what we do, together with our staff, we can today present a facility where our guests get a holistic experience of animals, nature and food of deer and game. This in an environment that we dare to claim is non-copyable. A “wow-feeling” simply appears – something you will never forget.

Nicola’s Café Bäckavattnet – Marbäck

Ett cafe med hemlagad/hembakat fika & mat med en minigolfbana som erbjuder en vacker miljö som kan förvandlas till en festlokal om ni vill fira en födelsedag, firmafest & ett bröllop ! A cafe with homemade fika and food with a minigolf course that invites you to explore our beautiful environment that can host parties, birthdays, company events and weddings! Check them out!

Hygge Creperie – Tylösand

En avslappnad plats där man kan äta och dricka gott, socialisera och bara ha det hygge. Följ med in till oss och var med på den fantastiska resan! A relaxed place where you can eat and drink well, socialize and just have a good time. Join us and join us on this amazing trip! Check them out!

RidLycka – Horseback riding!

Come and visit a small family farm with wilderness horseback riding tours. Take a tour and see their family-friendly pigs, chickens, turkeys, horses, dogs, ferrets and more! Check them out!

A trip to Simlångsdalen is a journey for the soul. Enjoy these times of tranquility in the woods, on the moss, on lakes and in Halland’s Wilderness.
In Simlångsdalen, 14 km east of Halmstad, you can rest from Sweden and the world’s pressured situation by hiking by lakes and in nature reserves.

Destination Simlångsdalen

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