Road Biking Map

All these loops are for road bikes, on tarmac roads. The files are downloadable from the links below. There are loops from 10km to 80km.

Road bike loops
Total distance: 66780 m
Total climbing: 603 m
Download file: Lunch in Laholm Loop.gpx
Total distance: 33061 m
Total climbing: 438 m
Download file: Åled - Oskarström Hilly Loop.gpx
Total distance: 11163 m
Total climbing: 111 m
Download file: Beginner's Loop.gpx
Total distance: 22267 m
Total climbing: 380 m
Download file: Short Alpine Climbing Loop.gpx
Total distance: 89826 m
Total climbing: 807 m
Download file: Hylte-Oskarström Lunch Loop.gpx
Total distance: 53561 m
Total climbing: 506 m
Download file: Mjälahult Wilderness Tarmac Loop.gpx
Total distance: 42271 m
Total climbing: 233 m
Download file: Beach Loop.gpx
Total distance: 34193 m
Total climbing: 369 m
Download file: Ullvered Deer Farm Loop.gpx
Total distance: 26303 m
Total climbing: 193 m
Download file: Fröböke 'flat' Loop.gpx

Currently our fleet of 7 road bikes is made up of different makes and models, from XS to L.

Contact us for rentals!

Specialized Tarmac Carbon SIZE M
Specialized Allez Aluminium SiIZE M
Merlin GX2 Aluminium SIZE L

8 months ago Google Reviews

“If you’re looking for some great mountain biking in Halland, this is the place! We rented bikes and got a pre-programmed GPS that showed us the way, but I know they do guided tours as well. Great tracks and beautiful scenery! Fin is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!”

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