Toughest Ride in Southern Sweden?

We don’t have any alps down in the south, just gentle rolling hills. Nothing that would challenge a truly hardcore cyclist. It’s all just a mix of lovely farmland and beautiful forest meadows, right? Perhaps not. Simlångsdalen is home to a lot of vertical elevation, and an seeming endless selection of gravel roads, rocky loggingContinue reading “Toughest Ride in Southern Sweden?”

Easy 8 – Simlångsdalen

Difficulty: Easy Bike type: Mountain Length: 20 km Elevation: 250m Finding a tooth-rattlingly hard route is pretty easy as a mountain biker. Find cliff, cycle over it. Finding a really pleasant route for beginner or casual riders who have invested in a mountain bike but don’t want a full-face helmet and aren’t entirely sure whatContinue reading “Easy 8 – Simlångsdalen”