Den okände mannens stig

One of the new trails developed by Halmstad MTB Klubb, Mudfuckers and other incredibly hardworking, passionate cyclists, this trail is a short, well developed ride that gives beginners a chance to try riding berms for their first time. It’s a trail that involves some small drops, roll-overs, wooden berm and jumps. Find the route here on Strava.

This 330 meter long section of trail will have you doing laps, or simply pushing back up through the beech forest to have another run. None of the jumps are too big, nor are the berms too fast. It’s a lovely bit of trail and gives all levels of riders a chance to enjoy the run. Beginners have the option at each obstacle to ride around it, and the steepest section is easy to see and walk down if you are unsure of your line. For the more aggressive rider, the sharp, fast S bends mixed in with a number of quick obstacles will give you the thrill you were looking for.

A huge thanks to all the people who spent nights and weekends out building this trail. If you are looking to help support trail development, join Halmstad MTB Klubb.

This trai is found on the left hand loop of this gpx map.

Total distance: 8302 m
Total climbing: 314 m
Download file: Little_riktigt_mtb.gpx

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