White Trail – Simlångsdalen

Beginning at Simlångsgården, at the far end of the valley, the white trail is a wilderness experience. You get to ride through some amazing forests on at least 60% single track over a 13km distance. This trail seems remote from Halmstad, but during the explosion of ever-growing crowds of people discovering the wilderness for their first time riding out here is fantastic. Forget worrying about endless dog-walkers and horse-back riders, you are unlikely to run into anyone on the trails out here.

Total distance: 13484 m
Total climbing: 272 m
Download file: White Trail - Simlångsdalen.gpx

This trail is marked with white dots on trees, so you’ve gotta keep your eyes open for the markers. It can be easy to miss a turn, especially when you are in birch forests!

There isn’t much in the way of technical descents, though it is a hilly route, climbing almost 300m over the 13km. Your legs will feel this route, not matter what kind of cyclist you are. This is a route that is rideable on a gravel bike, if you are confident.

Keep an eye out for the old mill 1/2 way through the route, it is one of the most magical places in the valley, hidden away but a perfect lunch spot. Enjoy.

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