Where to ride with kids?

Choosing where to take your kids mountain biking can be a challenge. You want them to enjoy the experience, but depending on age you don’t want to get too far away from snacks and the safety of the car. Is the route too hilly or too technical? Is there a way to bail halfway through?

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There are a number of child-friendly routes in Skedala, and some you should avoid with younger kids. The easiest loop is uncoloured, but runs around Torvsjön (the larger lake with Ön on it). This loop is flat, but has a few smaller loops that run around peninsula that stick into the lake.

Yellow Loop – It’s about 5 km long, mostly single track and requires a certain amount of climbing ability. The nice thing is that the climbs are gradual and the trail is not very technical. There is also a gravel road that bisects the route in case you need to head back to the car. https://mountainbikinginhalmstad.com/2019/08/06/skedala-yellow-loop-clockwise-k2-variant/

White Loop – Shorter than Yellow, but more technical. There are a couple of short, steep descents. Another loop with the gravel road bisecting it. https://mountainbikinginhalmstad.com/2019/08/17/skedala-vita-slingan-medurs/

Simlångsdalen –


A lot of backcountry riding, infinite gravel roads and a lot of great unmarked. The Banvallsleden runs through the village and up the side of Simlången. It’s a lovely flat trail that doesn’t offer much challenge.

Yellow trail at Simlångsgården – At the far end of the valley there is Simlångsgården, there are a few trails here, none of which are very tough, but the yellow trail makes a nice, short 3km loop that ends at a great picnic spot. There are a number of short side trails to explore, or a bigger adventure on one of the longer loops there.

Blue – Simlångsrunt – Simlångsdalen is the home of the blue trail, to my knowledge there are at least 5 different trails marked with blue paint. However, this is THE blue trail, that runs 8km around Simlången. This trail begins very easily (if you go from Badplatsen clockwise), offers some longer climbs on gravel roads, and some steep, fast downhill. This is a trail for more advanced kids, or very relaxed parents. https://mountainbikinginhalmstad.com/2019/08/29/simlangsdalen-badplats-blue-clockwise/


Skedala Forest

Halmstad MTB Klubb Slinga in Grötvik – A three km trail that weaves through the rocks and forest on the edge of the city by the Wakepark. It’s a lovely spot, and would be a magnificent trail if it were longer. However, it’s a great spot for kids as it’s pretty flat and doesn’t have much technical riding besides a few roots and rocks on the trail. https://www.trailforks.com/trails/halmstad-mtb-klubbslinga/

Galgberget – Another great spot to ride with kids, Galberget is crisscrossed with numerous short paths that loop around the hilltop, and on the backside there is a massive sandpit that the kids can ride in. Limited riding for adults, but long enough for most children to enjoy their day out.

Gullbranna Gården

They have built a short, 1.2 km mtb route for kids. I haven’t been there yet, but from photos it looks like a perfect afternoon family activity. https://gullbrannagarden.se/lagergard


Haverdal Nature Reserve is a great sandy loop in the off-season, but during the summer it can be quite busy. Lots of options within the small reserve, pretty flat and hard to get lost as you come out to a road if you go in any direction for too long (except west).

If you have any other suggestions, please comment below!

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