Skedala Yellow Loop Clockwise (K2 variant)

The yellow route is not a difficult ride. The trail is not overly rocky or rooted, and there are not any tough climbs. It’s a great starter trail…but it has a downside. Yellow is one of the wettest trails in a wet park. GPX files.

Total distance: 4096 m
Total climbing: 57 m
Download file: SLD_Yellow_Loop.gpx

The trail begins on a long, gentle climb up a gravel road which finally ends into a nice single track. This is a rolling, quick trail on soft mossy ground. However, it transitions from soft to damp and damp to wet. There has been an attempt to bridge the worst section, but it is less than professionally done.


One of the biggest dangers is thinking that you can hit a puddle fast and ride it out. The mud here is unique, it is deep, aggressive and glue-like. Once that front wheel goes in at speed, there is a good chance that it will take 2-3 people to get it out again. Expect to be going over the bars if you try.

Six years riding here and I keep doing this

Once you clear the muck, you join up with Green near the Orienteering Club’s Kaneberg cabin (stuga). A great place for a fika pause, as you are likely to meet other cyclists here. They, likely, won’t be as muddy as you are at this point, but like tattoos at a nightclub, mud buys you respect.

Once you pass the cabin, you are in for some fun, fast riding. First, you are up and over the clearcut. There are a few holes to watch out for, but a quick, fun piece of trail.

Heading into flow

Then you enter the woods, rather dramatically, the trail follows an old logging road that locals have started building jumps into. It’s not quite a flow trail that you get in a mountain biking park, but there is about a kilometer of excellent riding here.

You exit the flow section of the trail and have two options, you can follow yellow back down to the lake, or you can take a poorly marked trail up a very steep climb to your left just after you’ve rejoined the gravel road. Here is a segment called ‘K2’, which follows a quiet, but fast, trail through the softest moss carpet in the park. The trail isn’t well marked, but you manage to follot it, it is rewarding. Just watch out for the small cliff on your left just before rejoining the main Yellow trail near the lake.

Looking down from K2

Yellow finishes off just above the parking lot.

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