Skedala Green Loop (Djungel Run variation) Clockwise


Technical, fun, challenging, wet trail that is well marked.

Skedala, the heart of Halmstad’s mountain biking community, features a wide range of trails. One of the most popular, and technical, is the green loop. Starting from the Torvsjön/Ön parking lot off of Hwy. 25, a great spot for swimming, hiking and barbecuing with the family. With this in mind, be cautious riding, especially on the gravel near the lake, as numerous families come out here hiking. GPX files.

Total distance: 7523 m
Total climbing: 136 m
Download file: Skedala_Green_Clockwise.gpx

Green quickly leaves the comfort of the lake and starts climbing, with the new chicken wire covered bridges, the climb is pleasant, as it heads up into the green carpet of the old pine plantation forest. It crests, and meets up with yellow. Heading out across an old clear cut on a fast section of trail that ends at the Orienteering Club’s Kaneberg Cottage (stuga). A great place for a rest, on a weekend you’ll likely meet other muddied and bloodied bikers here.

Kaneberg Stuga

From here the trail divides from yellow and heads into a brief, but brutally muddy swamp, before climbing up to another swamp. I’ve never been great with the water cycle, but I don’t think swamps are supposed to flow up hill… Cross the sketchiest bridge in the park, and head to your left. This is where the fun begins, Liseberg segment. Liseberg is about 600 m of fast flowing trail with a brief uphill sprint followed by an intense, technical descent, with multiple jumps if you are brave enough.

Deadly when wet

From the bottom of Liseberg, the majority of riders will take off on the easy Blue climb. The Green trail heads to the left up what is a highly technical descent if you are riding counter-clockwise. I’ve yet to see anybody actually manage to climb this hill, but I’d love to see video of it!

Green then crosses Blue again, and heads off into the wilderness. This section of trail has seen a lot of work from Halmstad MTB, it is tough, technical and slippery, but well worth it as it breaks open onto an old road, now beautiful single track with a wide alley of birch trees surrounding you.

Birch Alley

Finally, at the top of this birch alley, look to your left as ‘Djungel Run‘ segment vanishes into the forest just before a (possible) fast descent onto a gravel road. If you head left, ‘Djungel Run’ is a was a beautiful segment that was recently logged. There is a trail running here still. From here, you are just a few hundred meters from the parking lot.

Left turn to Djungel Run
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