Simlångsdalen Badplats – Blue Clockwise

There are three separate Blue trails within the valley. This is the central blue route, around the lake Simlången. The trail is not overly hilly, though it has a few steep climbs. It is mostly on farm tracks, with only a few km of single track. My 73 year old dad rode this recently on a road bike, he wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he managed the entire loop. There is one downhill where you could hurt yourself, but you’d have to try. 8km long, 120m of climbing, and some fantastic views on an easy trail. GPX files.

Total distance: 8319 m
Total climbing: 126 m
Download file: Siml_ngsdalen_Blue_Clockwise_from_Swimming_Beach.gpx
Worth it for the views

Starting from the badplats at the end of Brearedsjön (the end of the village on Hwy 25) the trail starts and finishes it’s loop here. The best ride is clockwise. You follow the Banvallsleden, the old train tracks, along the side of the lake. You get some lovely views and perspective on the climbs coming up.

Turning at Mahults Herrgård, the trail crosses a bridge, and then turns to your right along farm tracks. There’s nothing technical, and it’s a lovely ride in the country. You’ll hit the first climb around 5km. The climbs are steep, loose, but certainly not impossible or technical.


Finally, the trail turns from the farm tracks to your right again, and you find yourself on top of a beautiful hill. It makes a quick ‘S’ turn, where the main trail stays left and there is a turn to the left down to a cabin. Take the left and head down the fast, relatively safe descent.

Top of the descent

From here there are a few smaller climbs along the lakeside, and most importantly, some well deserved single track. Keep your eyes open for Blue markers, as you head down passed some cottage driveways, and through long grass as you descent under Hwy 25 back to the badplats parking lot.

Simlångsdalen Map

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