Biskopstorp Yellow Clockwise

Yellow is an odd mix of manicured pathways, insane climbs and treacherous descents. A new rider will likely spend half their time pushing, and as you are already a few km into the park, I might skip this as a new rider. It is a pretty wet route, thanks to the cows, the main pathways regularly turn into small rivers. All this being said, however, if you like a thrill, this is a great loop to ride. If riding Counter Clockwise, be extremely careful on the descents, there is a very poorly marked electric fence at the very bottom of Hjärtstopparen DH. GPX Files.

Total distance: 5574 m
Total climbing: 250 m
Download file: Biskopstorp_Yellow_Clockwise.gpx
Heading counter clockwise, this is an electric fence at the bottom of a massive descent.

Yellow is an interesting trail as it doesn’t have any connections to a road. You can either start from Purple, from Green or from Light Blue coming from Kvibille. This ride starts from Purple. on a long downhill that is relatively technical, the Swedish name for this segment is, ‘The Terrible Long Downhill,‘ which I would disagree with, but then, who am I to judge. The terrible part is just around the corner!

So steep, even my bike was tired.

There is a relatively long stretch of old gravel road, and then you hit the climb, and climb it is. You have to lift your bike over the electric fence (NOTE: On the downhill, this is the one that ends in the extremely dangerous and difficult to see electric fence that this author & his riding buddy have crashed through at full speed.) The average gradient on this climb is 20%.

Once you are on top of the climb, there is a short trail along the ‘peak’ that gives you some fun views through the trees, then you are off on quite a challenging downhill. The cows make things very rocky, so get that weight back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Single track, single track and more single track…

The last section of this trail is a golf-course perfect grass laneway that takes you back around to Purple. Cows, it turns out, are great at mowing lawns, just not so good at trail maintenance in general.

Biskopstorp Map

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