Biskopstorp Brown Loop Clockwise

Short, wet, with one tricky descent. Beginners might enjoy themselves, but to be avoided after a lot of rain or in the winter. Boggy sections ahead. Named, “Skogstuganlingan,” or Forest Cabin trail. I haven’t seen a cabin, but there’s lots of forest to look at. It is as much of a connecting trail as it is an independent loop. GPX Files.

Total distance: 1566 m
Total climbing: 65 m
Download file: Biskopstorp_Brown_Clockwise.gpx

Brown begins across the road from the parking spot and you ride across an old clear cut before heading into the first, and only, descent of this short trail. This descent is pretty fun, as goes through oak and beech forests before opening up. Keep your eye on the trail, though, as there are a couple of false leads that will take you to short dead ends. If you are connecting to Orange-Blue and looking forwards to Blue’s beautiful downhill, the exit is at the bottom of Brown’s descent.

Between a rock and a boggy place.

The trail then follows a popular cow path, though luckily they’ve built bridges at the worst spots. This trail back is definitely to be avoided in the winter, or your bridges won’t be much use. You meet up with Purple and begin the climb back on the old sunken roads. If you tire of opening the gates and crossing the road, you can just head straight up the gravel back to the car.

Biskopstorp Map

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