Biskopstorp Yellow Clockwise

Yellow is an odd mix of manicured pathways, insane climbs and treacherous descents. A new rider will likely spend half their time pushing, and as you are already a few km into the park, I might skip this as a new rider. It is a pretty wet route, thanks to the cows, the main pathwaysContinue reading “Biskopstorp Yellow Clockwise”

Biskopstorp Brown Loop Clockwise

Short, wet, with one tricky descent. Beginners might enjoy themselves, but to be avoided after a lot of rain or in the winter. Boggy sections ahead. Named, “Skogstuganlingan,” or Forest Cabin trail. I haven’t seen a cabin, but there’s lots of forest to look at. It is as much of a connecting trail as itContinue reading “Biskopstorp Brown Loop Clockwise”

Biskopstorp Purple Counter clockwise

This is a technical trail with fast descents and tough, tough climbs. It’s not the type of trail that a beginner would necessarily enjoy. GPX Files. Open canopy beech forests roll out in front of you as you leave the parking spot on the hill top. The trail is named, ‘Stora Hålvägslingan’, and is wellContinue reading “Biskopstorp Purple Counter clockwise”