Biskopstorp Purple Counter clockwise

This is a technical trail with fast descents and tough, tough climbs. It’s not the type of trail that a beginner would necessarily enjoy. GPX Files.

Total distance: 2809 m
Total climbing: 130 m
Download file: Biskopstorp_Purple_Counter_Clockwise.gpx

Open canopy beech forests roll out in front of you as you leave the parking spot on the hill top. The trail is named, ‘Stora Hålvägslingan’, and is well signposted. You want to take the right hand option of the Purple trail, otherwise you’ll be stopping to open gates on your descent, unless you have a mad meter high bunny hop you’ve been hiding from you friends. Within 50 meters of the parking you will be hitting the best descent of the loop, Hålvägsslingorna Downhill, which is 350 meters of clear lines, beautiful natural jumps and even a berm at the bottom.

From there you will cross a narrow bridge and cross through one of the many cow-gates that fill Biskopstorp. There are grazing beasts throughout the park, so beware. Make sure the gates close behind you, and watch for rougher trails in these areas. The first climb is made virtually impossible by the cows, and it’s 17.7% gradient, this would be tough on the road, but in the woods, on a wet trail chewed up by cows?

This is followed by another lovely descent that follows an old sunken road that the farmers used to use to get around this rough terrain. Be aware that there are a few downed trees, usually the trail maintenance at Biskopstorp is fantastic, but on last ride there was a large tree down in this section. The trail forked up and to the left to avoid it.

Cross another fence, Purple meets the Yellow trail, stay, obviously, on the purple loop. You can avoid the next two cow gates by simply riding straight. For some reason the ‘trail’ veers into a gate and then 200m further on, back out again. There is a perfectly rideable section straight ahead.

Two paths diverge in a wood, stay right, and not get off.

There is one more steep climb, and fast, short descent that brings you out to the road. You can either choose to climb the trail up, crossing the road twice (for a total of three gates) or you can simply ride up the gravel road back to the parking spot.

Biskopstorp map

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