Långesjön Long Loop

Bike required: Hardtail or Full suspension MTB

Difficulty: Mixed intermediate and beginner

Length: 40km

Elevation: 575m

This route can either been a tough two hour push for intermediate/advanced cyclists, or it could take up to the entire day for beginners who’ve packed a lunch and are carrying extra water. It begins in the village of Simlångsdalen and heads behind Tallhöjden Hotel (and bar, if that sort of thing interests you) along some lovely local trails that are unsignposted but relatively easy to follow. These trails spit you out in the industrial area which you have to cross, and again on Hwy 25 for about 600m, then you head into Björkelund and back towards the village.

Once back, you’ll head up past Danska fallen, looking at the shocking number of people walking into the falls and leaving the rest of the trails open for us. There is no cycling allowed in Danska fallen Nature reserve, and if you look closely, this route never enters the reserve.

After Danska Fallen parking lot you’ll be on gravel roads for about 8km until you hit the, again, unmarked trail around Långesjön. This is technical, rooty and rocky, with 3 bridges, and is best ridden in dry weather. There are a few spots around the lake that are perfect for a picnic or a fikapaus.

After Långesjön there is a surprisingly long gravel climb to bring you to the orange route back to towards Danska Fallen. This route is more heavily hiked, though again, doesn’t enter the nature reserve. Be kind to hikers, ring your bell, give them space, let them pass you rather than the other way around.

Keep an eye out for the historic signpost that marks your turn to avoid Danska Fallen nature reserve as you head back out onto paved roads for the last 2km home.

Total distance: 40679 m
Total climbing: 621 m
Download file: L_ngesj_n_Long_Loop.gpx

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