Hylte-Oskarström Lunch Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road

Difficulty: Moderate/Advanced

This is a 90 km ride that visits two towns of medium size, Oskarström and Hyltebruk. They are well spaced out for the more casual rider who is looking for coffee and lunch breaks on their route. It is a relatively hilly route with a few longer climbs, but nothing that should bust your legs. The roads are generally quiet, and you could likely ride this route on a weekday without seeing more than a handful of cars. If you take this loop in the morning or evening, there is a very good chance of seeing wildlife. Moose, deer and boar are all common on this quiet route.

Total distance: 89826 m
Total climbing: 807 m
Download file: Hylte-Oskarström Lunch Loop.gpx

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