Rydöbruk – Ryaberg: Road Bike

Route type: Road bike

Difficulty: Intermediate start, rest is easy

Distance 60km/450m

Nearing Rydöbruk

A lovely, quite road bike loop that takes you past Rydöbruk, home to possibly the best stone fired pizza in Halland, Knystaria.

Beginning in Simlångsdalen, the route hits the hilly “three Kings” to Oskarström, giving you close to 200m of climbing. From there you head toward Torup/Rydöbruk on a quiet road that follows the Nissan valley.

Picnic site near Mjälahult

There is a sustained climb coming out of Rydöbruk, but once you clear that it’s a calm, rolling route home. Look for the swimming spots in Mjälahult and along the lakes in Simlångsdalen.

One of the many small lakes that dot the route
Total distance: 63322 m
Total climbing: 574 m
Download file: Nybro_Mj_lahult.gpx

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