Village Trails

Trail Type: MTB

Difficulty: Intermediate/Beginner

Distance: 15km


Simlångsdalen is a hikers and bikers’ paradise. We have roads and trails and tracks to explore that never seem to stop! When I’m pressed for time, one of my favourite rides is to hit all the village trails, so that I’m close to home if a customer calls, but far enough into the wilderness to get refreshed and renewed.

The trail begins behind the hotel and takes you to the industrial plats, the exit to the trail is a little ugly, a Mordor-esque wasteland to end a lovely 2 km trail. You then pop across Hwy 25 and take the paved bike path (Banvalsleden) towards the city for about a kilometer before entering Björkelund nature reserve where you ride the ‘Gammal Skog’ trail back to the village. Björkelund is a great spot for picnics, there are a number of picnic tables and fire pits hidden throughout the reserve.

From here you take the paved bike path back through the village until you hit a trail to your left up past the school and church as you head up the Lillared Stigen up to another nature reserve, Klövaberget, a 35m high cliff band hidden away in a beautiful beech forest, a favourite spot of mine. There’s a lovely little bit of downhill before you a riding back to the village again, watching for the small trail on your right that takes you back.

people at cliff

Now back past the church heading towards Simlången, the big lake, you take a left at the horse farm and hop another well hidden trail behind a big oak tree. This will bring you out on the Mahult road, which you ride up for about 200 m before dropping down on the obvious trail to your right that brings you to a private swimming spot on Simlången, and the unpaved Banvallsleden along the lakeside back to the village. A little bit of single track to mix up the ride along the way and you’re done. 15km of riding, 60-70% on trails, and you’re never more than 5 minutes from the pub…um I mean, village. The trails are a mix of beginner and beginner/intermediate, not perfect for small kids, but great for teens who might give up at any moment…

guys on bikes
Total distance: 16114 m
Total climbing: 228 m
Download file: Village trails.gpx

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