Simlångsdalen Epic

Simlångsdalen provides some of the largest hills in the region, similar in height to Hallandsåsen, but without all the crowds. Please note that Svartaklippan Nature Reserve does not allow bikes. I haven’t had a chance to update the route yet, but please don’t ride there! Here it’s rough old farm roads, single track or loggingContinue reading “Simlångsdalen Epic”

Writer’s Guide to uploading rides

We here at MountainBikingInHalmstad welcome submissions in English eller svenksa. We’d like to keep a standard to all guides posted, in this mind, here are rules to think of when writing a post. It should start with a brief overview of difficulty, distance, rideability in the wet, trail quality and overall worthiness. It could beContinue reading “Writer’s Guide to uploading rides”