What to buy a cyclist?!

Christmas is coming, and everyone has that tough-to-shop-for cyclist in their lives. What do you buy them? Well, Mountain Biking in Halmstad has recently become a dealer for Cycle Service Nordic, the premier cycling supplier in the Nordic region, and we can help!.

Mountain Biking in Halmstad is offering a range of Christmas presents for the impossible friend, the amateur cyclist. These items for sale have been carefully selected to fit as wide a range of budgets and riders as possible.

At the top end, there is the complete winter commuting bundle. This package offers water-resistant winter gloves, a neck warmer, under-helmet hat, powerful front and rear lights (the rear light has a brake light feature activated by a motion sensor!) as well as mudguards and studded tires. The total retail value of this package is over 2700kr, but we’re offering it for 1899 kr!

Commuting can be tough. Even for a cyclist who has been riding for years needs to replace gear. Lost hats, worn out gloves, stolen lights. With this in mind we’ve put together the Essential Commuting Bundle. This bundle includes gloves, neck warmer, under-helmet hat and lights for a total value of 1445 kr but on sale for 1099kr.

We are also offering a tires & mudguards bundle for 849kr and lights bundle 499kr.

Too much?

How about a mini-floor pump or a 15 tool multi-tool for 349kr?

No? What about a saddle bag for 149kr?

Or the perfect gift for that cousin-in-law’s dog walker? A bell with a compass for 69kr!

Free pick-up from Simlångsdalen or shipping to your local Postnord agent at competitive prices.

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