Åled-Oskarström Hilly Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road

Difficulty: Moderate

Much like the name implies, this is a route with a lot of climbing. Starting from Simlångsdalen and heading immediately into the hills towards Åled, you get to enjoy one of our local favourite road biking roads. It feels almost like it was specifically designed for roadbikes, as it is never straight and is always interesting. After 15km you come to the village of Åled that has both a shop and a pizzeria, then you head along the Nissan river (enjoy the flats while you can) until you come to the village of Senan, here you head up on a tiny road following a beautiful, fast flowing creek on a road I like to call, “the most beautiful road in the world”, this takes you past Virsehatt, a hill that is famous for trolls! From here you’ll be up over the three big hills before coming back into Simlångsdalen, it’s a shorter ride, but you get your elevation in!

Total distance: 33061 m
Total climbing: 438 m
Download file: Åled - Oskarström Hilly Loop.gpx

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