Lunch in Laholm Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

The lunch in Laholm loop is a 66km road bike loop that stays entirely on tarmac, there is ultimately over 600m climbing on this loop, but besides the big climbs in and out of the valley, it will seem like a relatively flat ride. Just one big push at the beginning and one at the end. This loop takes you from the forests and lakes of Simlångsdalen to the quiet rolling fields of the Laxan valley, where the lovely town of Laholm is located. Laholm is a unique farming town that feels out of place in Sweden, it would fit better in the flowing field of Flanders. Don’t expect Belgian chocolate, but there are some great places to stop for lunch, including Cecil’s Bakery, which is a famous stop for cyclists (you can park and lock up around back). A perfect ride on our road bikes, or if you want to take it slow and easy, a full day on our touring bikes!

Total distance: 66780 m
Total climbing: 603 m
Download file: Lunch in Laholm Loop.gpx

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