Skedala White Clockwise Loop

Not much climbing, for a relatively simple loop with a few hazards that are easy to avoid. A good beginner’s loop, matches well with laps on Yellow or Blue. Beware of extremely muddy spots at the bottom of drops. Avoid this loop when it’s wet. GPX files.

Total distance: 4088 m
Total climbing: 64 m
Download file: Skedala_White_Clockwise.gpx

White trail begins at the Torvsjön parking lot, if you are riding clockwise, the trail markers head you off on the main walking trail around the lake, as the GPX follows. I strongly recommend that you head a bit further up the gravel hill and take yellow instead. The main walking trail always has hikers and families. Give them a break, and stick to yellow.

Source : Wikipedia
Note the fire-breathing beak.

At the end of white (or yellow) you will hit another gravel road, you want to head to the right when you hit the gravel road. You will come out near the recent clear-cut. Head up the gravel road about 500m until White/Green disappear into the woods again, on your right. This is a really good climb, over two new bridges with chicken wire.

I didn’t tell him about the Tjäder…

White spits you out on the main trail up to Kaneberg Stuga (cabin), you’ll continue to climb for another couple of hundred of meters before White turns to the right again down a section of trail known as ‘Wild Turkey’. A few years ago, there was a Tjäder, or European Black Grouse, that lived on this trail. It would attack anything that moved. To this day, even though he seems to have flown the coop, it’s best to let your friend ride first. Hopefully, as they’re being clawed and pecked to death, you can get some good video.

Spend a few minutes and help build the trails, like these kind folks did!

The bottom of Wild Turkey hits mud, then a gravel road to the right. Within a hundred meters, the trail will hit a left hand turn, and back into the forest. Here you will come across the most dangerous trail segment, nicknamed ‘the wall’, it’s a short and steep section that only skilled riders should try. Actually, Sweden has universal healthcare and Halmstad has a great hospital, so go for it!

The final piece of trail is a muddy nightmare, you’ll have to take one of the trail braids. Don’t even bother trying to ride the main trail without SCUBA gear. You’ll come out onto another stretch of gravel that White follows back down to the parking lot. If you are up for it, I’d say to take the Green up a very steep climb as soon as you hit the gravel. At the top of the climb, the trail heads right onto a build trail called, ‘Djungel Run‘. It’s a great ride, and will get you closer to the parking lot.

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