Tour of Steninge

Steninge, located 15 km north of Halmstad on the coast, is a lovely village and home to the wonderful hotel Steninge Kuststation, which hosts many eco-friendly holidays, including our mountain bike rentals. There is easily a days worth of exploring in the area.

The riding in Steninge is mostly focused on the coastal trail and the oak nature reserve Skipås. There is a lot of single track to explore, and a huge variety of trail types. There are some steep climbs of up to 100m of elevation gain, and descents of equal length and quality.

Total distance: 33012 m
Total climbing: 644 m
Download file: Testing_Ebikes.gpx

For the best information on where to take your bike, I would recommend heading to Steninge Kuststation for breakfast and speaking with the owners. They have great knowledge of the local trails, as well as where land-owers don’t want cyclists.

These photos were taken before Allemansrätten was clarified for me, our e-bikes will only be rented for use on existing bicycle paths, gravel and fire roads, and public roads.

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