Orange north to Mjälahult

You can head from Simlångsdalen to Mjälahult. The trail is mostly on gravel roads, and can be ridden on almost any bike.

The trail starts on the Banvalsleden, an old railway like that is paved from Halmstad to the end of Simlångsdalen, and then is gravel for another 200 km to Karlshamn. You ride on the Banvals until you come to the small village of Ryaberg. Hallandsleden then heads inland and onto some single track as you pass over the Fyllingeå (river). This puts you in the nexus of trails around Simlångsgården, once an old ski resort(!) and now a facility with some camping spots. The glory days are well gone here, but up in the woods there is hidden away an old rock climbing tower.

Total distance: 4327 m
Total climbing: 138 m
Download file: Skedala_Orange_Counter_clockwise.gpx

Staying on the Orange/Green trail will take you along a short amount of single track and back over the river. After a few km you will leave green and head off, over the river again, on your own. You will now be riding on a mix of old farm tracks, fire roads and gravel roads. These are incredibly quiet, and will eventually bring you out to Mjälahult. Your options from here are to continue to Torup (another 25km) and take the train home to Halmstad, or loop back to Oskarström, hop on a different branch of the Hallandsleden back to Simlångsdalen, or simply ride the road back to your starting location.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for great reviews of all the tracks you have written about so far! Since I have damaged my knee, and can’t ride my blir for a white, I will have to settle with your reviews! Thanks again!

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