Simlångsdalen 25

In the heart of all mountain bikers is that of an explorer. The days of climbing over the next hill into the unknown and unexplored are well behind us in the age of jet travel and smart phones. Mountain biking allows us to rekindle that flame, to feel like an explorer again.

This loop around Simlången, our largest lake in the valley, allows you to feel like a true explorer, as you climb and ride through some tough terrain, and following trails that few have traveled before. And, like most great adventures, this one is designed to begin and end at a pub. A nice whiskey after a chilly ride, or a cool beer on the patio can be a great way to debrief and discuss the ride with friends, or buy beers and try and make friends if you forgot to bring any.

This trail has some sections that are technical, but they are all short, and easily walked. You must have a GPS to follow this trail, or local knowledge, or a guide. It will take you to Klövaberget cliffs, 35 m high in stunning beech forests overlooking the whole valley. You will ride along the Banvallsleden, along the side of gorgeous Simlången lake. You will climb to Svalit and find the hidden mill. You also get to explore the little known Veka nature reserve before heading back to Simlången and the infamous ‘murder hill’, which is in another beautiful beech forest, and only murders runners going the wrong way on the trail.

This loop will take 2-4 hours, depending on your fitness level. There is a lot of climbing, so bring snacks!

Total distance: 25560 m
Total climbing: 612 m
Download file: Siml_ngsdalen_25.gpx

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