Beginner’s Loop – Road Bike

Bike Type: Road bike/Touring Bike Difficult: Moderate As it sounds, this route is for new riders. It begins with one relatively long hill and is almost immediately followed by another, steeper climb. If you can manage those, the route is mostly downhill and flat. The loop brings you near Nicola’s Cafe in Marbäck, which isContinue reading “Beginner’s Loop – Road Bike”

Åled-Oskarström Hilly Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road Difficulty: Moderate Much like the name implies, this is a route with a lot of climbing. Starting from Simlångsdalen and heading immediately into the hills towards Åled, you get to enjoy one of our local favourite road biking roads. It feels almost like it was specifically designed for roadbikes, as it isContinue reading “Åled-Oskarström Hilly Loop – Road Bike”

Lunch in Laholm Loop – Road Bike

Bike type: Road Difficulty: Easy/Moderate The lunch in Laholm loop is a 66km road bike loop that stays entirely on tarmac, there is ultimately over 600m climbing on this loop, but besides the big climbs in and out of the valley, it will seem like a relatively flat ride. Just one big push at theContinue reading “Lunch in Laholm Loop – Road Bike”

Långesjön Long Loop

Bike required: Hardtail or Full suspension MTB Difficulty: Mixed intermediate and beginner Length: 40km Elevation: 575m This route can either been a tough two hour push for intermediate/advanced cyclists, or it could take up to the entire day for beginners who’ve packed a lunch and are carrying extra water. It begins in the village ofContinue reading “Långesjön Long Loop”

Dirty Halland 2022

Ride Type: Gravel Biking Difficulty: Intermediate Length/Elevation: 160km/1600m Halland’s biggest gravel event, that is, until the UCI event comes to town in August, was a big success in 2022. Not only did more than 200 riders participate, but I actually finished after two DNF’s and 1 event cancelled due to corona! The event was organizedContinue reading “Dirty Halland 2022”